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Chitwan Jungle Safari

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      Trip Highlights

    • Scenic drive or fly to/from chitwan
    • Sunset view from river bank
    • Elephant ride
    • Cultural show program
    • playing with Elephant babies

      At a glance

    • 2N/3 Days package tour.
    • Guided Tour.
    • Between 100m.-815 m. elevation.
    • Canoeing in the river.
    • Elephant bathing.

    Diffculties and Safety

    Your safety is of our major concern while traveling with Mountain World Treks. Please note that your Tour guide has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary.

    However, we cannot guarantee that we will not deviate from it. Weather conditions, health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters etc., and can all contribute to changes in the itinerary. The Guide will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but please be prepared to be flexible if required.

    What's included

    • Airport Pick up and drop off.
    • All domestic land and air transportation.
    • All Accommodation.
    • 3 main course meals a day while on tour
    • Necessary manpower.
    • Mountain World Treks t-shirt and tour map.
    • A comprehensive medical kit.

    What's not included

    • Flights To/From Nepal
    • Tourist Visa
    • Travel insurance
    • Meals while not on the tour
    • Personal expenses such as snacks, gear, drinks, laundry, phone calls, wifi, charging devices, hot shower etc.
    • Tips for the guide, porters and driver
    • Any services not mentioned in the itineraries
    Start your adventure with us !

    Trip Extention

    This trip can be possible to customize as you want and you may extension your Nepal trip as well. Here are the few options what you may do.


    1. Kathmandu sightseeing tour.

    2. White water rafting.

    3. Mountain flight.

    4. Bungee Jumping.

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    Accommodation & Food details

    We will provide tourist standard accommodations in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini and this is possible to upgrade in your choice.  All the accommodation in the cities and tour will provide on twin sharing basis.

    Most lodges now have twin bedded rooms but you should still be prepared to sleep in multi-bedded rooms on the occasional night. Single supplement will be served on request and will cost extra. During the tour, we can enjoy authentic Nepalese food as well the more common international cuisine (Tibetan, Continental, Italian, Indian, etc.).

    Best Time To Visit

    Autumn (Sept to Nov) and spring (March to May) are the best seasons for Safari Tour in Nepal. The weather is sunny and warm with outstanding clear sky.

    During winter (Dec, Jan, and Feb) could also be another great option. However, the temperature during winter could go down to 2 degree. Tour in the summer or Monsoon seasons (June to Aug) will be affected by rain but the summer trek could be a boon for a keen botanist.

    Equipment Details

      You don’t need any special gear for touring around Nepal. Suitable attire for men would include long sleeved shirts and long trousers. Women should wear long skirts or a sari. Loose fitting trousers are becoming widely accepted too. Shoulders and chest areas should remain covered.

      You may buy hiking gears for your friends and family while you are here in Kathmandu. Gears found here are locally manufactured (hence a lot cheaper) in some famous stores in Kathmandu.

    Questions about your trip

    Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is an easy tour. No altitudes issue, suitable for young to mature and expert to beginners.
    Walking experience is need with an average level of fitness for Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour. This tour is known as an easy tour in Nepal.
    Yes your Children can do it but make sure they have some walking experience.
    Yes, there is a little bit single supplemental cost if you are traveling alone, please Contact us to find out more.
    Autumn (Sept to Nov) and Spring (March to May) are the best seasons for the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour. The weather is sunny and warm with outstanding views. Tour in the Summer or Monsoon seasons (June to Aug) will be affected by rain but the Summer tour could be a boon for a keen botanist.
    You are advised to consider the equipment as essentials while packing. Adjustments to the list can be managed according to our requirements, interests, duration of trip, and season of trip.
    Yes. Most of the cities has ATM.
    Yes. Most trips run smoothly, but once in awhile something unexpected can happen, that’s why we highly recommend and to join one of our trips. You must have travel insurance. Please see our travel insurance section for more information.
    Yes Most of the place you will be able to use Internet if there in not any technical problem.
    Yes you can charge batteries but you'll be charged by the hour and you'll have to bring your own charger. And mostly can use 2 round pin charger on the tour.
    Basically our guide will sort out the things what to do. If it is not too bad you may rest, however in the event of an emergency there usually is access to a easy transportation. This is another reason to be sure you are covered with adequate travel insurance!
    Mountain World Treks hires guiding professionals with a love and passion for outdoor travel and adventure. Our guides have been with us for many years and know the trails well. They all speak English very well and know how to take good care of the clients. Please see our About Us page for more information on our guides.
    Yes. Normally you don't walk long in the tour; all you need to carry are your essential items for the day. If you would like more weight to be carried, please let us know.
    The tap water in Nepal are generally not safe to drink for tourists. Bottled water, boiling water or using water purification tablets are your best options. Tea and coffee are okay to drink. Yes, the food is safe in Nepal. And delicious!
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    1  Reviews on Chitwan Jungle Safari

    2012-10-10 01:55:01

    Samantha Hartley,

    “Nepal trek and tour”

    Having made the decision to spend my holiday in Nepal this year i got recommendation form my friends to use Saligram and his company Mountain World Treks.I explained to Saligram that i wanted a bit of everything - Himalaya, Elephants and 'city culture' and thats exactly what i got. The trek was fantastic and my porter and guide were great. They e...[ View More ]

    Having made the decision to spend my holiday in Nepal this year i got recommendation form my friends to use Saligram and his company Mountain World Treks.I explained to Saligram that i wanted a bit of everything - Himalaya, Elephants and 'city culture' and thats exactly what i got. The trek was fantastic and my porter and guide were great. They encouraged me when i thought i couldn't walk anymore, ensured that i went uphill 'slowly' so as not to burn out and watched out for me the whole time. The nature, views and people are incredible and i will definitely be coming back for more trekking with Mountain World Treks. Chitwan was also fantastic and this part of the tour was again organised by Mountain World Treks. I swam with elephants which was a truly awesome experience. The accommodation in Kathmandu was also very nice and Sali can organise for you to stay in whichever area of the city you like. As i was there during Diwali it was a bit manic and part of my trip had to be rearranged but they did this without any hassle. I was also invited to spend ceremony with Saligram's family which was a truly memorable experience and i felt honoured to be invited. All in all it was the most amazing time and Nepal is definitely somewhere everyone should visit. I will certainly be going back and hope that Saligram and everyone else at Mountain World Treks will help me with the details....!![ Back ]

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