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  Jee-Jean Y,

 Fri Aug,2016

Enjoyable Annapurna Panaroma Trek

Our initial plan was Annapurna Base Camp. From Jhinudanda to Chomrong then Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). However due to avalanche happened in ABC, roads from Dhovan has been closed. We have decided to detoured to Poon Hill Panorama trek with advice from Sali(Mountain World). Even though we did not make it to ABC, Panorama trek was awesome too. We saw different side of Annapurna! During the tour, Sali and team have demonstrated professionalism and hospitality. We felt safe and being taken care of. The meals provided are tasty and we get to choose what we want to eat. The tea houses are good and toilets are clean. Sleeping bags and down jackets provided are in good condition and kept us warm during our trip. Our trip was filled with laughter and joy. We really enjoyed our trip and will definitely come back again!

  anna o,

 Fri Aug,2016

Annapurna Panorama Trek with Mountain World. What a fabulous trip!

Million thanks to our local guide from Mountain World to have had led a fabulous trip which exceeded our expectations. We were in a group of 11 hikers from Malaysia with a fluent Malay-English speaking professional guide, Saligram, assisted by his energetic team members who always put our safety comes first & never forget to get us ready with crampons in case to hike in ice or snow trail.

Despite the news of avalanche happened at the trail towards Annapurna Base Camp hit our emotion in day 1, we were motivated to reroute our journey to Poon Hill with 6 days hiking. Along the journey, we jokes, sing, dance and make a lot of fun. We were touched by how connected we felt by the end and how sad we were to see it end. The hike was amazing, tea houses, food and transportation arrangement were good as well. Thank you Sali for your endless patience with our requests on food & boost our mind with positive energy!

All your help creating the perfect hiking trip for us, it is well worth it. We will be back to Nepal & continue the hiking trip to Annapurna Base Camp with the guide from Mountain World in near future for sure.


 Fri Aug,2016

ABC trekking ( finally detoured to Poon Hill due to avalanche)

The best trekking tour i have to say. The tour guide, Mr. Sali is a fun, hilarious and responsible tour guide which support by his responsible team that we've ever met. Although we didn't manage to trek up to ABC due to avalanche and finally detoured to Poon Hill. But we enjoyed to the max. We'll definitely come back to them again. Cheers!


 Fri Aug,2016

Amazing Annapurna Trekking March 2017 and Beautiful Nepal.

My best history of mountaineering adventures with our local guide Mountain World Treks. We are a married couple from Malaysia with a high motivation to climb Annapurna Base Camp. Our trekking accompanied by a guide who speaks fluent English. When we started the trekking on the first day we were told by Sali that maybe we had to divert our trekking to Poonhill because the path was closed due to avalanche. Sali constantly updated news until we arrived at Chomrong and that night our guide gave us a choice of whether to continue to ABC or detour to Poonhill because the path from Dovan to Himalaya and the Himalaya to Deurali just opened but we face the risk of forced to turn back if the trek is dangerous or avalanche will occur again. I decided to continue to ABC and does not mind if we do not succeed to ABC and also not to Poonhill (means we will lose both). Finally we managed to arrive at ABC on March 20th 2017 and are very grateful to have Sali and his team for bringing us safely. Without the help of the World Mountain Trek, we were not able to get there. We already miss Kathmandu at the moment and will definitely be back again and continue hiking with World Mountain Trek. The first day I met Sali, he was a very kind and soft-spoken person. He helped us a lot during our trekking until we return to Malaysia.

It's not about altitude, it's your attitude (Scott Fischer, 1996).

  Ah F,

 Fri Aug,2016

Annapurna base camp

Its been a very great opportunity in my journey going to the Annapurna's of Himalayas Range. This journey is golden, perfectly moment I've been dreaming to touch with my barely hand.

Mountain world treks make this dream more memorable with a great assistance and service.

I am for sure will be there again.
Himalaya Range, I'm coming soon. Better get ready..


 Fri Aug,2016

Beautiful at 3,210 m.

It was Awesome experience ! Truly beautiful trekking into Annapurna Himalaya Range. We are very fortunate to have our team guide Mr Sali and his team member. Our tour guide team are very helpful and responsible. Honestly, I love walking, hiking or trekking are something else. But hiking with these team are truly bless and amazing experience i ever had. We made it to Poon Hill .Terima Kasih! Thank you!! and Yes. Will come back again. Cheers!


 Fri Aug,2016

Everest View Hotel Trekking

What an experience!!
Family oriented tour group. Sali the leader, Prakash the trekking guide and our sweet porter are the best. From the day I contacted Sali a year ago, highly recommended by a friend of mine, I knew it would be a great group. Sali answered all my email questions promptly and precisely, being so patient with all my requirements and most of all I feel like he become part of my family. Prakash, our guide was so helpful and kind throughout our treks and our porter carried all our bags with a broad smile. We love them all! We love Nepalese people! Even though we are done trekking, we are going back to Kathmandu with Mountain World Treks for visiting country sides and organic farms in a year to come. See you again Nepal!

  Tijani M,

 Fri Aug,2016

Best ABC Trekking Ever!!!!

The best mountain guide ever!!!! Very recommended to all trekkers if want to trek ABC....Warm welcome and very helpful!!!!


 Fri Aug,2016

Everest Base Camp Trek

Have trekked with Mountain World treks before. We had high hopes of completing this trek. However we were stuck in Namche for three nights due to unseasonal heavy snow fall. Eventually we got going but I had a couple of falls just beyond Tengboche. We kept going but by Loboche I was struggling with sore ribs and hip, and bad headaches. Sudip our guide was excellent and organised our helicopter evac. My treatment at the hospital was very good and Sudip kept us both informed of the developments with the insurance company. Our spare days were nice and restful and Saligram organised our trips to Bhaktapur and Boudinath. Saligram and his staff could not be faulted and we were very happy with our overall experience.

  Taheera E,

 Fri Aug,2016

ABC,really? Who who'd have thought of that?

Hei! So last February me & my friend went to ABC seeking for so called 'once-in-a-lifetime-adventure'.It was kinda an impromptu trip.Despite the shortage in time for preparing,MWT owner,Sali helped us out a lot.he made it happened ,even better guided us & ensured all our gears & safety were in checked.something I would never regret in life; i got lucky & had a chance to face annapurna in the just one lucky girl.Nepal,in a nutshell,left me speechless.thanks Sali,niraj & mr san!!!


 Fri Aug,2016

Yet another amazing trip

This is now my third trip to Nepal and once again Mountain World Treks have been amazing. This time I did the Langtang trek. Saligram made sure that everything was sorted beforehand to make this trip amazing. Another lovely warm welcome and my guide Bikalpa was incredible - so attentive and helpful and made sure that everything went to plan and was constantly looking after me and helping me along the way. Would thoroughly recommend this company and cannot give enough praise to them and to my guide who was so supportive and made the trip a fantastic and wonderful experience. Thank you so much again and hope to see you soon - I was so sad to leave...


 Fri Aug,2016

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This is one of the best adventure experiences I'd had and I'll like to commend Sali and his team for making the trip enjoyable for my friends and I.

From lodging to food, they always ensured that we kept warm and had enough, also looking out to make sure that everyone stayed on track and keep safe. Coincidentally we also had the opportunity to celebrate their new year and had so much fun singing and dancing, adding warmth to the whole experience.

We also managed to squeeze in paragliding on the last day upon reaching Pokhara which was another unbelievable feat for me!

Thank you Sali for making this trip so unforgettable for me, and I look forward to returning back to Nepal for more trekking!

  alirico a,

 Fri Aug,2016

poon hill and ABC trip

great journey and excellent service from saligram team.poon hill peak and ABC is a must do to all hikers.see u again!

  Sook Kim C,

 Fri Aug,2016

Everest Base Camp

Huge thanks to Mr Saligram Aryal a.k.a Sali and his team from Mountain World Treks for helping me fulfilled this dream; ticking off my personal bucket list to trek Everest Base Camp.

Sali is a reliable and encouraging tour guide whom is very passionate about his job. He takes on his role professionally and is very accommodating to the needs of every single participant. His charming, hilarious and charismatic personality also makes our trip more fun and enjoyable. He took good care of us from the very day we arrived at Kathmandu until the day that we left.

I strongly recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone looking for a guide in Nepal. Furthermore, Sali is also the founder of Nalang Sewa Samaj, a project dedicated to providing better health care and education to the under priviledged children in the rural village of Nalang. As you trek with Mountain World Treks you will also be donating part of your fees to this good course.


 Fri Aug,2016

Best trip of my life!

If I could award a thousand stars I would!
Saligram made all the right decisions.
When i asked him if i could do Annapurna base camp at age 69 he said if you are in good shape you can but i advise you to go solo so you can set your own page.So he selected Keshab Aryal to be my guide.This was an excellent choice.Keshab is only 23 years old but has a great knowledge about the trek,he is patient and has a great sense of humor.He told me the value of the Nepali words"Jaam,jaam,bistari" which means "Lets go slowly".
When the going got a little tough we took a rest day and Keshab suggested we continue with his brother Aspin as a porter.I could not have done ABC without them.
Then Keshab and Aspin took me to see their family who live at the entrance of the Chitwan National Park where we also took a safari day.It was fabulous.Then Keshab and I travelled to Lumbini the birthplace of Buddha.What a great trip that was!
About 24 Buddhist temples with contributions from Buddhists all over the world.Then we went back to Kathmandu by plane for more sightseeing.We went to visit a hospital in Kathmandu where we were able to make a contribution to help the poor patients who have no health insurance.By the way Saligram donates a high portion of his income to help the people of his home town Nalang who were badly affected by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.
If you plan to trek the Himalayas or plan to some interesting sightseeing in Nepal do not hesitate to contact Saligram.
I know I will when I get back to Nepal.
I was very "kushi,kushi,kushi, or very happy,happy,happy with my choice.
Thank you Saligram,Keshab and Aspin!

  jasontan j,

 Fri Aug,2016

Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC)

This is my best trekking experience and achievement for me in 2017. We manage to reach EBC on 9.5.2017 with my son and two nephew as family. We did it together with Mountain World Treks Mr Sudip Aryal our porter guide.
Mr Sudip not only take care of our daily need but also ensure our safety, health and he is our captain of the ship and always give encouragement to our team member so that all of us will make it to EBC.


 Fri Aug,2016

Poonhill /ABC trek (girls group)

We (9 girls) just completed a 2 weeks poonhill/ ABC trek organised by Mountain World Trek. Sali and his team took very good care of us through out the entire journey. They booked our flights , organised our trekking permits , basically everything was taken care of which meant we could really enjoy our journey rather than wasting time on logistics etc.
Everyone on his team was super helpful , professional ,friendly and fun. We did enjoy all the singing , dancing , local card games together at the end of each day. The trip would not have been as wonderful without sali and his team !!! Whstva bonus Sali takes wonderful photos too!!! If I could give more than 5 stars . I would !!!

We also really appreciated the flexibility of our itinerary. As we are all relatively fit youngish girls , sali realised that we could actually complete the trek slightly shorter than original plan. He gave us options instead of spending 3 days trekking down from ABC or shortened it to 2 days so that we could have an extra day in pokhara for sightseeing etc. It was perfect ! Exactly what the girls wanted !!!
We had such fantastic time with sali and his team . We can't wait to do EBC with them in the future !!!!


 Fri Aug,2016

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

One of my most memorable trek with wonderful services provided by Mountain World Treks & Expedition. The guides and porters are very experience, very caring and professional. We were very well taken of and without their awesome services, I am unable to enjoy this adventure.

  Jo L,

 Fri Aug,2016

Nepal has more attractions! Not just trekking.

Yes! Just like what Saligram my guide has always said "once is never enough in Nepal". I returned to Nepal and this time round I took the opportunity to explore the city of Kathmandu and Pokhara. The historical sites in Kathmandu are just amazing. Despite the major earthquake in 2015 they had withstand the test of time. And the view in Pokhara is just breathtaking. Wherever you move in the town, you never lose sight the snowcapped mountains. All these were made possible with the arrangement by my trustworthy and reliable guide Mr Saligram from Mountain World Treks. Practically everything! Yes, this is the 2nd time I engaged Sali to be my guide while in Nepal and I have no qualms there will be more in the future as I will return this November and again Mountain World Treks will be there to do the necessary for my ABC trek. Thank you Sali for a wonderful trip.


 Fri Aug,2016

dreams are made of this

my second visit to Nepal and now I have a "friend" waiting at the very fancy new international airport. Saligram arranged our first visit to kathmandu and trek to Poon hill a few years ago and we fell in love with the country and people promising to return.
Our day tour to Bhaktapur was interesting even though many of the buildings had been damaged by the earthquake. There is a lot of rebuilding going on and I'm sure all will be restored eventually. Our overnight trip to Nagakrot was exellent, this is an introduction to the countryside without trekking. The views of Himalaya range breathtaking. Sali made our few days memorable, his forte is definitely the mountains and trekking routes but he did a great job making our short visit memorable. I would highly recommend him and his porters.

  K C,

 Fri Aug,2016

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Beside the beautiful sceneries and magnificent mountains, the other reason that make the trip fun is the guides and porters. Thank you Mountain World Treks and Expedition, you have a professional and awesome team!


 Fri Aug,2016

Memorable trek to EBC with MWT!

It was great to travel again with World Mountain Treks! Sali and team once again impressed me with their professionalism in guiding us to trek to EBC. The itinerary was well planned and the execution was smooth. The guides took care of us wonderfully, watching out for us when we scaled challenging terrains, and sharing with us stories and experiences for trekking in Nepal. Highly recommended especially if you are first time in Nepal. Sali will make you return for more!

  Charles L,

 Fri Aug,2016

Friendship earned!

The trip was professionally managed and very well planned by Sali and his team of experienced and witty guides! Time management was crucial to ensuring that we arrived at the next checkpoint on time and to have sufficient rest for the next day of trek. Sali's planning was spot on which gave us full confidence to push on at our own pace. They made sure that we were well taken care of both physically and emotionally. Afterall it is the mind and not the body that pulled us through and his team of experts guides ensured that we were constantly motivated and invigorated everyday. We did not only paid for a trip to EBC, the new friendship we found in Sali and his team is priceless!


 Fri Aug,2016

Fantastic Poon hill/ABC trek with Mountain World Treks in May,2017

We 9 girls just finished our Poon hill / ABC trekking with Mountain World Trek at the end of May, which was organized by Saligram Aryal. This is so fantastic and memorable trip ! Everything was so well organized by Saligram and his team, they are so friendlly ,helpful, and professional. They always tried their best to make our trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Even they had very hard work during the trekking, they tried to arrange some fun programs , like local dance, songs, fun games etc, all of our girls had a lot of fun during the trip! Yes, we did ! We do love this team who are full of passion with their job, and always show smiling on their face. Even there is one of Porters hurt his knee, he keeping on walking with 10kg luggage till the end. He never gave up his duty! we are deeply touched by his professional spirit. Now we already back to our place, but can't stop thinking the time during ABC trekking, so unforgettable ! Thank you so much Saligram and your team for our great job!!!! We are planing the EBC trek with mountain world Treks in 2019! Can't wait more for doing this adventure with MWT again !

  Yu Z,

 Fri Aug,2016

永生難忘的記憶 (Eternal life unforgettable memory)

Traveling with Mountain World Treks didn't seem like a tour. It seemed like an epic journey. The tour guides seemed like good friends from next door and took excellent care of us. Here I just wanted to say thanks to Saligram for everything you have done for us, what you and your staff did to make this trip one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a unforgettable adventure!


 Fri Aug,2016

POON HILL & ABC Trek! Fantastic experience!!!

We had a fantastic trip to Annapurna Base Camp! Our guides were brilliant! Looked after us so well every step of the way. Saligram's organization was perfect and the porters made it fun and kept us laughing all the way... the tour was done at a sensible pace and we saw some breathtaking views and got to experience the local culture and communities along the way it was an incredible experience, we will treasure for the rest of our lives! couldn't have been better . Thanks guys !! EBC next !!!

  Lee S,

 Fri Aug,2016

Great trip despite but detoured to Poon Hill due to closure of trek to ABC.

We originally planned to trek up to ABC with an overnight stay at the teahouse there. However on our arrival, we were told that part of the trail to ABC were closed due to an avalanche a couple of days before.

Sali and his team team were very resourceful to arrange for an alternative trek to Poon Hill, and managed to rearranged all our accommodation at the tea houses along the trek. This was despite the fact that almost all trekkers that were originally headed to ABC had to make similar detours as well. All the tea houses were packed and we were glad that we trekked with Mountain World Treks that were able to.


 Fri Aug,2016

Everest Base Camp Trek - April 2017

24 year old, solo female traveler here! I am so glad I had my guide Bhim with me doing this trek as well as the support and excellent service that Sali and his team provided. I caught a cold midway through the journey to basecamp and had to stop frequently (mostly for nose-blowing haha...). My guide was very supportive and never made me feel like we were in a rush. He always made sure that I was warm at the tea houses and would always somehow find a second blanket at the teahouses. The trek itself was one of the coolest experiences. Being a solo traveler I was a little worried about getting lonely, however I met so many different people from all over the world and made some good friends. Getting to basecamp felt great and there is a real sense of accomplishment once you see it for the first time. Now the REAL showcase of what a great company Sali runs happened on the way back to Lukla. I ended up getting a bad case of trekkers knee on the way down (got to a point where I couldnt bend my knees, painful and very inflammed). I took about 3-4 extra hours per day and Bhim never left my side (literally) as I hobbled down the trail. He called Sali while I was resting in my room at Namche Bazaar and they said that they could organize an extra day/night as well as rescheduling my flight for me if needed at a price that was MUCH cheaper than renting a horse back to Lukla from Namche (which were pretty much my options at that point as I couldnt walk at the end of the day). Luckily after a good nights sleep, two knee braces and some encouraging words from my guide, I slowly made it back to Lukla the next day. I am so thankful for Bhim, Sali and his company as they were very patient and understanding during some unexpected challenges during my trek and overall I had a fantastic experience. Also the views are INCREDIBLE!!

  Jim W,

 Fri Aug,2016

ABC November 2016

Sali organized an ABC trek for our group from Singapore and Malaysia. Everything about the trip was phenomenal and the logistics were really done well. Sali was always present during airport transfers and was essentially around anytime we needed him. The trek itself was outstanding and Sali had made arrangements at all the best teahouses well in advance. There were some hikers that could not find accommodation, but we were always well prepared with lodges and meals. The staff and porters were all very friendly and helpful. There were a couple of minor issues during the trip, but Sali got things sorted out quickly. I was happy enough with this trip that I am booking again with Sali to explore Lo Mathang. I highly recommend Sali and Nepal!


 Fri Aug,2016

Paragliding & Australian Base Camp Trek - Easy effort and wonderful sights

It was a manageable beginner trek and I am so happy I chose it. Seemingly endless when you walk, but wonderful sights await you when you turn back or take a group shot. Sali and his team of guides and porters made it truly enjoyable for most of us who are totally new to trekking. We had on average about 2hr trekking per day. The rest is spent on soaking up the environment, admiring the mountains with such easy effort (seeing up to 4-5 peaks on a clear day), exploring the villages and the essential sunrise moments EVERYDAY.

The local team was also very attentive as some of us fell sick on the trek. They were happy to negotiate with guesthouses to make light meals and even the porters check and close the doors of our team (i know because I was so sick in bed and they checked on me). The work they do is tough but with their cheerful personalities, Sali and team made it look so easy. I had a wonderful time.

Accommodation throughout the trek were adequately equipped with hot showers (trust me, this is sooo important). And some tips: 1)prepare toilet paper before you head up with guesthouse, 2)bring a thermos if you can, 3)ginger honey lemon is awesome at high altitudes, 4)feel free to bring your camera, 5)bring meds for your stomach (the trek is easy enough you still have strength for it. ha

One highlight was also the paragliding. I was worried that I am not ready for it as I was really sick the day before. But am so glad I did it. The experience was novel and thrilling and you get a CD of the pretty and ugly on it. whahahahahaha

If you are new and keen to trek, you will not regret signing up. Oh, and did I mention Sali is an amazing photographer with his almight phone?! Ha.


 Fri Aug,2016

Poon Hill Treks

The trip was very well organised, and Saligram never waited for more than an hour to respond to an email enquiry. The travel itself was very pleasant as I had a guide, Bhim, who was very helpful and always made sure that I had all my travel needs met. I plan to return to Nepal for another trip, hopefully by next year, thanks for a wonderful memory !

  Noorin B,

 Fri Aug,2016

ABC Trip - September 2017

Very well organised trip. I am so glad that I had my guide Sandip with me doing this trek as well as my porter Vinod. Excellent service and support that Sali and his team provide to me and my friend. They were very patient and understanding during some unexpected challenges during the trekking and overall I had a fantastic experience. Also the views are INCREDIBLE!!

  Hyesung Y,

 Fri Aug,2016

First taste of nation of gods.

My route was from Kathmandu to Pokahra to Chitwan. I was a single traveler but Sudip and Sali not only made sure my trip was going well but Sudip was such a great company to travel with. Love to come back and try some trekking and definitely will use MOUNTAIN WORLD TREKKING for sure.!Namaste

  Sritharan S,

 Fri Aug,2016

Annapurna base camp (ABC)

We had a wonderful time trekking up to ABC. The view was magnificent. Our guide Sudeep was the best and Dinesh and Bikal were fantastic. They made the hike truly memorable. They looked into all detail and made sure we enjoyed the hike. A big thank you to Sali and team. We will definitely be back. ABC circuit is in our radar...

  mak m,

 Fri Aug,2016

My vote to to this BEST nepal trip 2017

It’s one of the best and most enjoyable hiking trip. I did ABC on 22/10~3/11 but accompany with my friend with this Sali on 10/11~22/11 for poon hill. It’s very good experience..

Tour ***** 5/5
Lodge **** 4/5
Guide ***** 6/5
Food ***** 5/5
Price good pricing

Will join them again...
U can see his Instagram... very experienced guide..

  Liu S,

 Fri Aug,2016

Excellent trip

I joined the Poon Hill Trek with Mountain World Treks and Expedition. It was my first hike in Nepal. Everything was very well organised during the trip, like transportation, accommodation and meals. Our guide Sali was very professional and very kind. Their porters were also very very nice and helpful throughout the whole trip. We had excellent sunrise/sunset views at Poon Hill. Most importantly, every team member had a lot of fun, and we enjoyed the trek so much. I will definitely come back again!

  Khoo S,

 Fri Aug,2016

First Trek to ABC

Breathtaking view, awesome guide and friendly porters. These basically are my main takeaways from the trip. Overall the trip was well organised and no doubt will definitely recommend these to my friends and family members.


 Fri Aug,2016

Poon hill trek

First time travelling with Mountain World Treks and Sali , our guide was really helpful and cheerful. he ensured everyone was well taken care of. i will definitely travel with them again when i am back in Nepal.


 Fri Aug,2016

Excellent trip to Annapurna Circuit Trek

This is now my fourth trip to Nepal and each time I have used Mountain World Treks. Saligram always makes sure that every thing is well organised and that all needs are met. My guide Bikalpa was very attentive and looked after me throughout the trip, helping whenever needed and making the trip fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the trek, and definitely would use this company once again. I would not doubt recommend using this company ( having used them several times now, now that speaks volumes.)

  Thiribura S,

 Fri Aug,2016

10 days trek to ABC

We did 10days ABC trek with Mountain World Treks And Expedition. The company is excellent. Saligram arranged everything and it worked out perfectly. Our guide Sudip was fabulous and took care of us through out the whole trip, making sure we ate well and always checking on our general wellbeing. We had a great time and the memories will stay with me forever. Thank you very much guys!!


 Fri Aug,2016

Himalayan wish made possible with Mountain World Treks

15 Oct to 22 Oct 2017

I DID it …. my first mountain trekking in Nepal to Poon Hill and great view of Annapurna South. This was a wish come true, made possible through Sali and his Mountain World Treks team.

Beginning with the cost, it was value for money considering the logistical care taken from arrival in airport to departing Nepal and the food plus accommodation during the trek.

The MWT team was really service-oriented – at meal times when everyone’s tired and hungry, the team always ensured we finished our meals before they started on theirs. During the meals, they would always be attentive to our requests.

I was especially touched that while our trek duration occurred during Deepavali (an important festival in Nepal), the team remained focused in making sure we trekkers were comfortable.

By the end of the period, I felt a close bond with the MWT team. Will be back to trek with them again for sure.

  Melissa Y,

 Fri Aug,2016


We joined Saligram for hike at ABC from 17th Nov 17 to 27th Nov 17. There were 8 of us and all of us submitted with zero injury. Saligram is very organised and knowledgable. We strong recommend him. He took care of us and took our pictures along the journey.

  Jo L,

 Fri Aug,2016

Great Time Great People and Magnificent Country

All 8 of us accomplished and achieved our much anticipated Annapurna Base Camp Trek from 17 – 27 November. These were made possible by our dedicated guide and friend, Saligram Aryal, and his porters Bikal, Hari, Shiva and Dinesh, from Mountain World Treks & Expeditions. All needs and requirements were fully arranged by Saligram and his team. All ones need to prepare for this trek is the right mind set and receptive to new ideas and surrounding. MWT Team has been very attentive to all our needs and requirements while we are on treks especially Saligram who has been “doubly nice and sweet “ to some of our requests. No worries of not having someone to take your pictures as Saligram has been multitasking as guide as well as a cameraman. And he is definitely GOOD! To sum up the entire trip, the joy of reaching base camp with zero casualties is definitely the highlight but it’s the bonding among friends and with Mountain World Treks at the end of the days at tea houses, the bantering, overly noisy and oh yes….spoon game ….or rather Saligram Card Game, are something that we will always cherish and miss. Saligram Aryal we will miss your chicken curry and fried rice! Oh ya not forgetting the tea houses owners and caretakers, are just people you will not find anywhere else on earth! Friendly and warm PERIOD! ALL MADE POSSIBLE BY MOUNTAIN WORLD TREKS & EXPEDITIONS and great companionship from all members of this trip. We will be back for more adventures with you guys and meanwhile will brush-up our Spoon Game! We are the WINNER!

  Mimi M,

 Fri Aug,2016

Unforgettable ABC Adventure

We had the best time with Mountain World Treks during our 6-days (3rd - 8th Dec 2017) trekking expedition to ABC. All the staffs (guides & porters) were very friendly, well-organized, knowledgeable and very helpful in ensuring that we have the most memorable experience. We were well taken-care of, even on non-trekking days, from arrival up to our departure. Highly recommended company and we will definitely come back for more unforgettable memories with Mountain World Treks.

  Tze Hon L,

 Fri Aug,2016


Did the ABC trek. Great trip. Always ready for changes even during trekking. Very accommodating and helpful. Definitely will return for EBC.

  Ck T,

 Fri Aug,2016


Thank you to warm friendly helpful funny guide Saligram and his porters! With all this combination, we (8 of us) did it to ABC! Along the journey, everything was manageable flexible and the most I appreciate was the photos taken by Sali! Every night we have a good laugh games or jokes before our sweet dream...... thanks again to Saligram and his team! Definitely will be back!

  Mumtaz L,

 Fri Aug,2016

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp is a once in a lifetime experience and Saligram and his company, Mountain World Treks, made it happen for me. I made it to EBC last Sunday with guidance from my guide, Sandip.

I was referred to Saligram and Mountain World Treks by a friend who had done the same trip with them a few months ago. The company arranged for everything from booking the flights between Lukla and Kathmandu, to all lodging while on trek, meals, guide, porter, Kathmandu sightseeing, hotel in Kathmandu, airport pickup and drop off, and briefings. It exceeded my expectations in many ways.

Saligram loves his job. He is extremely responsive to WhatsApp and Facebook. He answered all my questions and clarified my doubts before the trip. The company website is very complete and useful in terms of providing every last detail of the itinerary, packing list, Nepal visa, etc.

Sandip is a very good-hearted person. He helped me maintain regular contact with my family back home and even called up my husband from Base Camp using his phone to inform him I had made it!

I highly recommend the services of Mountain World Treks. The team has been fabulous. I will definitely come again and do the Annapurna Circuit with them.

Thanks a lot, Saligram, Sandip and Mountain World Treks!

P.S.: Nepal is an incredible place. The people are hard-working, hospitable, honest and strong. For those who dare to challenge themselves, it's the place to go to!

  Andrew Scott,

 Fri Aug,2016

Langtang-Gosaikunde trek

Did the Langtang-Gosaikunde trek last April. Hard on my legs at my age, but Saligram was great from when I arrived to when I left. All the arrangements went without a hitch, no problems, no delays. Other trekkers in the group were very good company. Well worth booking your next trek with Saligram Aryal. Dinesh and Niraj our porters were excellent company.

  Michelle Sellar,

 Fri Aug,2016

Many thanks to Saligram Aryal

Many thanks to Saligram Aryal for treating me so well from our first email contact to our last moment at the airport. His response to emails and questions was always prompt and professional in the build-up to the trip, and after arriving, he was consistently reliable, punctual and honest.
Excursions and the trek itself was handled with impressive attention to detail and consideration towards the group – Saligram thought of everything and because he understands what is important to travellers, he ensures that all needs are met before they even occur to you. He makes it seem effortless and the result is a wonderful experience. He is a sensitive and considerate host with a wonderful and quirky sense of humour.
Day trips in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur were interesting and fun, and the trek itself was amazing. Experiencing the magnificence of the Himalayas is the highlight of the experience, and trekking is the ideal way to experience it. It is therefore a bonus to be guided by someone like Saligram, because he has perfected the delicate art of being lots of fun without anyone ever doubting that he is the boss. I found Saligram and his team interesting, knowledgeable, entertaining and 100% trustworthy. Along with our fabulous and lovable porters, Dinesh and Niraj, it felt more like a little family trekking together and less like a group.
Saligram arranged all trips, travel and hotels while in Nepal and Tibet. These are destinations unlike any other and his care and attention to detail made the time spent in these countries unique and special. Thank you Saligram and team for a thousand unforgettable memories and impressions, for making me feel safe and secure at all times, for all the fun and laughter, and for giving me real insight into two beautiful countries and their equally beautiful people.
It goes without saying that I highly recommend Mountain World Treks. I can’t wait to be back to experience more of the special kind of magic that this wonderful family-owned business generates

  Agnes Tam,

 Fri Aug,2016

My Nepal Trip right in the earthquake.

My Nepal trip earlier this year was complete just few weeks before the quake. It was so sad to see people lost their homes or loved ones, I am glad to see all the friends I met there are strong and able to manage the challenges and changes in the past months and in future days. Although I can only do very little to help them in the earthquake relief fund raising programs, I do believe sharing my best trekking experience in Nepal supported by Mountain World Treks and the owner, Saligram, and my trekking guide Ishwar, could help more hikers to realise how easy it is to come see Nepal. This is one of my most memorable trips that I've ever had. With the great help from Saligram, you can plan the trip much easier than you can think of ! I just need to give Saligram my wishlist and he can get back to me in couple of hours how should my itin looks like with a very clear package budget covering almost everything from the seconds I arrive Kathmandu to the last min I leave back for my home city. I have to sayI would not have enjoyed my tour so much without the care and support from Saligram and Ishwar. All my activities include sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley, Safari in Chitwan, Paragliding in Pokhora and 4D/3N Ghorepani / Poonhill trekking in 10 days are perfectly run without any problem. I highly recommend anyone if they are planning their next holiday in Nepal, please feel free to connect with Saligram and he will help you with his expertise and big heart ! I hope to see Saligram and all wonderful guys I met in near future when I am ready for a new challenge in another beautiful trail !!!

  Khong Woon Shin,

 Fri Aug,2016

Gosaikunda Lake Trek

This is my first trip to Kathmandu, Nepal and had experienced my first trekking trip to Gusainkund Lake in a team of 15adults and 4children with Mountain World Treks and Expedition. Thank you Sali for being personally there to show us around Thamel in Kathmandu and guided us well throughout the trekking journey. It was a pleasant experience and I am looking forward to my next April-May 2017 trekking trip with them again. Namaste!

  Sarita Parish,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Everest View Trek with Mountain World Treks”

Have just returned from Nepal I would thoroughly recommend Mountain World Treks. From the moment I landed into Kathmandu the level of service was second to none. I was apprehensive about travelling on my own but Saligram made sure that everything ran smoothly. Lila my guide was brilliant and as well as having many a laugh on the way he looked after me all the way. Having good local contacts I stayed in some lovely friendly and homely teahouses and nothing was too much trouble for Saligram and Lila - I look forward to travelling to Nepal again and would strongly think about using them again - top notch company.

  Shumel Rahman,

 Fri Aug,2016

“An excellent guide in Nepal”

Mountain World Treks provides a very friendly, safe professional and reliable service. Safety is their paramount importance and you will certainly feel well looked after. The team will do everything to make your stay the best experience they can. They have a wealth of local contacts and their standing in the Nepalese tourism network is second to none. In Nepal you need to be well known and well respected, Mountain World Treks ticks all the boxes.

We spent three weeks with the team. We were on a Everest Base Camp trek via Gokyo and then a jungle safari. We had a fantastic experience. When one of our friends became ill the team organised a helicopter rescue and took care of everything. They were fantastic and our entire experience was faultless.

I have and definitely would recommend this organisation to any of my friends and family. I have full confidence in the experience you would have and you would certainly enjoy your holiday if you booked with Mountain World Treks. Sali and the team will take really good care of you., 5 STARs.

  Rajeev Bhalla,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Everest Base Camp Trek With Saligram”

We trekked to the Everest Base Camp with Sali. This was a two week trek and it was a very memorable experience and Saligram is very accommodating and knowledgeable. He made this into a trip of a lifetime. Highly recommend it - Get Saligram - he is the best out there.

  Robert Dunnett,

 Fri Aug,2016


Saligram Aryal, who runs Mountain World Treks guided me on the Everest base camp trek just as he was setting up his own business and the whole trip simply could not have been better. He knows the terrain, the people, the places better than anyone, is professional, super-efficient has first-class conversational English and is great company. I sometimes joked that I didn't just have the best guide in the Himalayas - I had the best butler. Nothing was too much trouble. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first-timer and a bit nervous about tackling trekking then you cannot go wrong with this guy. Namaste!

  Paula sothoron,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Best Ever Nepal Experience”

I just got back from a fabulous trip to Nepal traveling with three other older women. Our guide was Saligram with Mountain World Treks and Expeditions. His professionalism, integrity, knowledge, kindness and humor made our trip one of a kind. We always felt safe and cared for. He gave a surprise birthday celebration for one of my friends. When this same friend became quite ill, he took complete control over what could have been a very bad situation. Although our trekking was shortened because of the illness, we had a wonderful time and Saligram was always attentive to our needs. He also accompanied us to Chitwan (which he did not need to do) and participated with us riding elephants and all the other activities. We always felt protected and special in his care. He really does treat his clients as friends. We will always be grateful to Saligram and his company fro making our trip so memorable. You will never regret choosing them as your guide.

  Debbie Holmes,

 Fri Aug,2016

We recently used Mountain World treks to organize our holiday in Nepal. We were very pleased with Saligram, who came with us as our guide for the trip, his car is new and his driver very safe. The accommodations he organized were fabulous and his knowledge, communication, kindness and hospitality were very much a highlight of our holiday, we came home feeling like we had made a lifelong friend. Thanks Sali.... we loved Nepal.

  David Hemsley,

 Fri Aug,2016


We had a fantastic holiday trek to everest base camp unfortunately I got altitude sickness and had to come down before I made it. I have to say I was well looked after as my wife carried on. The porter returned with me to a lower tea house where I was well looked after.We all met up again two days later and made our descent to Lukla, it was a well planned trek teahouses were of a good standard, saligram was a first guide who runs a first class company ,I would recommend his company to anyone who asked me.

  Christopher Jelley,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Annapurna and Everest Base Camp”

I cannot recommend Saligram and his team highly enough. I have travelled 4 times with him and each has been a pleasure and memorable experience. Nothing is too much trouble and his knowledge of the areas outstanding. He knows all the best spots and eating houses to visit. The holiday of a lifetime starts the moment he meets you at the airport and continues throughout untill he drops you off at the airport to return home. I am returning next year with friends and family and can't wait.

  Lesley Morison,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Highly recommend”

I trekked the Annapurna Circuit in October -I didn't book the tour with Sali but wish I had! My own guide was very inexperienced and not very knowledgable but luckily I met 3 South Africans at the start of the trek who had Sali as their guide and I basically became part of their group. Sali had no problem with this, welcomed me and treated me as if he were my guide.

Sali added a great lot to my trekking experience -he's extremely organised in booking decent lodges to stay at and on the trek itself about what to expect. He was also very supportive and SO knowledge about everything Nepal! He's a good laugh and is now one of my friends. I would definitely recommend booking a tour with him if you want to get to know Nepal and have an honest opinion about life there.

  Carman Buchheister,

 Fri Aug,2016


Namaste!! My friends and I ( a group of four women ) had a wonderful time thanks to our guide Saligram from Mountain world Treks and Expeditions. He took care of every single detail, he was professional, knowledgeable. He took care of every detail and made us feel like we were in paradaise. He loves his country and is proud to show it to the fullest.

  Steve Keenan,

 Fri Aug,2016

I have travelled to Nepal with Mountain World treks on a couple of occasions, firstly to Everest Base Camp, and earlier this year to the Mustang region. Both were extraordinary experiences which have left me with great memories of a wonderful country.The scenery is outstanding and the people are friendly and welcoming. These trips were made the more memorable by the dedication of our guide Saligram who undertook to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He is immensely proud of Nepal which he is only too pleased to share his experience and knowledge of his country. I would highly recommend Mountain World Treks should you wish to travel to Nepal and I look forward to travelling with them again.

  Chieh W,,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Best & Memorable Trip in Nepal with Mountain World Treks”

We have 13days family trip to ABC for trekking, we all feel enjoyed @so much fun in the journey. We also like to give compliment to our guide Mr.Salingram for his good services, treated us as a family members. Mr,Sali @ his crews were so kind @ helpful. I was never a trekkers before, but now I would say that will go once again!

  Paul Walters,

 Fri Aug,2016

''This has to be the best experience I have ever had''

The trip itself was outstanding and the views out of this world however Mountain World Treks really made the difference. Lila was my local guide who spoke good English and had an excellent knowledge of the area. He really looked after me throughout the trip. Saligram is the company director and his knowledge is second to none. He collected me from the airport, took me around Kathmandu, and provided a sight seeing trip as part of the package. Every single need was catered for and nothing at all was too much trouble for either Lila or Saligram.
Whilst on the trek it was clear that I had booked through one of the best companies in the region and would definitely recommend Mountain World Treks above any other trekking company.
Saligram maintains extremely high standards and this was reflected in the overall package I received.
I will definitely be using Mountain World Treks again and would urge anyone thinking of trekking to do the same.

  Yuk Fun Tam,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Most satisfied trip I've ever had, World Heritage Sites, Safari, Paragliding and Mountain Trekking, all in ONE !”

Thanks Saligram helping me to do the trip planning and make my trip never been so easy and enjoyable without his support and professional advices ! Not only the local transportation and hotel arrangement , but also an experienced tour guide going with me from Kathmandu to Chitwan and Pokhara then Poonhill allow me 100% focus on my activities without any worries. Ishwor, the tour guide going with me not only taking me to Poonhill with all kinds of support and cares, but also help me in equipping myself with the right hiking gears before the climb ! Thanks again Saligram and his team for the excellent services. I highly recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone who is planning to visit Nepal !!

  Andrew Scott,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Gokyo-Ri Trekking.”

Did this trek with Saligram and porter Bodhra in a February a few years ago now.
Everything went well, the weather was very cold and we had to contend with snow and ice but it all gave the himalayas a great setting especially for our camera shots. We were well looked after by Saligram and it was an interesting experience staying in near empty lodges. All my other treks have been in October/November and the contrast is obvious.I would recommend Saligram, he has a good friendly nature and is well organised.

  Dan McCarthy,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Excellent Trekking Company and Guide for Everest BC”

This was my 4th time in Nepal and I have trekked without a guide previously in Annapurna & Langtang. However, this time I was travelling solo and so needed a reliable private guide for 3 weeks trekking to Everest Base Camp in Feb/March this year.
From the moment I contacted Saligram at Mountain World he was friendly and professional. We agreed a trek itinerary from the UK and the trek was finalised by me sending a small deposit by bank transfer.
My guide was Sam, an experienced man in the Himalayas for over 20 years. Sam did far more just simply show me the way. He was able to point out flora & fauna, mountains & rivers, recommend hotels/lodges (including the best rooms!) and we also enjoyed some great local food & drink.
Sam's expertise really showed when we were stuck in a lodge in Dingboche at 4500m with snow falling outside for 4 days. I felt safe under his guidance and so did many others with guides from other groups looking to him for advice.
I am already thinking about my next trip to Nepal and will certainly be keeping in contact with Saligram and Sam who I now consider to be friends.

  Hannah Smith,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Excellent Trip to Nepal with Saligram!”

I found Saligram and Mountain World Treks through my travel partner Will Serra. I was wary of using a guide for the duration of our trip. I thought that a guide would provide a cookie-cutter depiction of Nepal and be intrusive on my partners and I experience of Nepal. I was more than pleasantly surprised by Saligram. I don't know what we would have done without Saligram in Nepal.
Saligram started our trip by picking us up from the airport and driving us through the beautifully chaotic city streets of Nepal (without him, we would not have made it without hitting something). He planned the small details of our trip, while still giving us complete control. He found really wonderful hotels, and even recommended local places to eat. He showed us the sites of Kathmandu and gave us well-informed, but intimate accounts of each location. He introduced us to his warm family.
We did the five day Poon hill hike. I cannot express the beauty of our trek and how wildly different it was from anywhere I had ever been. We were moving at a nice pace, and could explore around tea houses we'd stop at each night. At each tea house, he knew the family and was able to provide comforts. He also would play cards each night and joke about our day on the trail. I had wonderful conversations with Saligram while hiking and really enjoyed his company. I also loved our porter!
Saligram is incredibly flexible. We were able to alter the miles we hiked each day. In the spur of the moment, we decided we wanted to hang glide and Saligram booked us a spot for that afternoon.
But most importantly, Saligram is not a company, but a personal and kind man. He gave me his hand when crossing streams on our hike. We played Connect-Four with his children. He has a great sense of humor. Ask him about his riddles. He obviously loves Nepal and wants to share his country and all of its wonders with those who book with him!

  Lisa Astriliya,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Annapurna Circuit Trek with Mountain World Treks - A once in a lifetime experience!”

We were recommended Mountain World Treks, specifically its company owner Saligram, three years ago from a friend who met Sali during his Everest Base Camp trek. At the time my friend was doing the trek with another company but was so impressed with Sali (who was guiding a separate group) both from his own conversations and the feedback of others he spoke with that he did not hesitate to suggest Sali as our “go to” man in Nepal.

Finally, three years later my husband and I made our way to Nepal to do the Annapurna Circuit trek. I’d have to say that two of the BEST things about dealing with Sali prior to commencing the trek was that firstly as a local Nepalese we were supporting a local business and secondly he can tailor any trek to suit your needs. Through previous research we found that the tours offered by larger companies were set in stone but with Sali he tailored it exactly to what we were looking for in terms of enjoyment, budget and timing. We even did our tour privately with just my husband and I (plus Sali and a Porter) for the same price as doing a larger group trek…where else can you get a super deal like that!!!

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, Sali showed us the utmost in Nepalese hospitality with a beautiful homemade lunch with his family and a relaxed, albeit insightful, tour of the sights. Throughout our entire time in Nepal, any question we asked of Sali he knew the answer too…even the height and names of all the mountains we passed on our trek. Talk about impressive!!! Furthermore, his spoken English is as good as a native english speaker, which definitely made our lives easier!

The trek was a once in a lifetime experience. The beauty of the circuit is that you never see the same thing twice…every day is a different day. We started off in lush greenery, which felt as if we were walking through the set of Jurassic Park movie, and then slowly made our way past the tree line and into the beauty of the rocky and snow tipped mountains. I’d highly recommend travelling to Nepal in September too as you beat the chaos during the peak season of October and the changing colours – pinks, yellows, oranges – off the wheat and grain fields will take your breath away (this will have past come October). Sali loves to laugh, teach Nepalese card games, do magic tricks, and proudly show you his stunning home, Nepal. I couldn’t have wished or hoped for a more enjoyable experience than the one that Sali provided us.

We have memories to last a lifetime and for that we can only say THANK YOU Sali and Mountain World Treks. We look forward to returning for another trek in the years ahead xxx

  Renaud Audet,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Nepal treking wonderfull time with Mountain world”

These guyes are truly professionals we had a gret time in Nepal, while treking around Annapurna.thanks to them. Everything was organized at the highest level food porters and excelent english speking guide service for documents tikets and permits was very fast and was no trouble for us at all. Must of all we liked them to us they treated us as a real friends since we met them in kathmandu warm greeting and namaste personally to Saligram, Lila, Umesh we miss you guys looking forword to see you in Nepal again at new routes we highly recommend Mountain World Treks for those who want safe and comfortable travel in Nepal.

  Debbie Holmes,

 Fri Aug,2016

''Amazing trip to Nepal with Saligram''

We recently used Mountain World treks to organize our holiday in Nepal. We were very pleased with Saligram, who came with us as our guide for the trip, his car is new and his driver very safe. The accommodations he organized were fabulous and his knowledge, communication, kindness and hospitality were very much a highlight of our holiday, we came home feeling like we had made a lifelong friend. Thanks Sali.... we loved Nepal.

  Stephen keenan wales,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Jomsom - Muktinath trek”

Once again Saligram and Mountain World treks pulled out all the stops to provide a wonderful trek through the Annapurna and Mustang region of Nepal. This was my second trek to Nepal with Mountain World Treks and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. This was a fantastic experience not only for the scenery that we encountered but also the people we met along the way. Saligram was a perfect host. He took great care to ensure that everything went according to plan. He immediately dealt with any minor issues that came along. In fact he took on the role of cook at one of the guest houses we arrived at where the cook was on holiday. Yes and the food turned out delicious. When I had an issue with my visa he was able to sort the problem out for me. A man of many talents, who can't do enough to make your trip a memorable one. He is very proud of Nepal and does his utmost to make you feel welcome in this fascinating country. I look forward to returning to Nepal in the future and to using Mountain World Treks.

  Brian Smith,

 Fri Aug,2016

“A wonderful month in Nepal”

We booked a month long trip with Saligram at the start of our round the world trip and it was an excellent start. Saligram looked after us every step of the way. We had a tour of Kathmandu where Sali explained the culture and history of the old palaces. After exploring thamel on our own, Saligram joined us on a car transfer to Pokhara, where we stayed in a very new and comfortable hotel not far from the lake. We were joined by a porter and did a 10 day trek in the Annapurna region where Sali came into his own as he knew the good places to stop...mostly with western loos! When we got to Muktinath he accompanied us to the temple and explained the customs which was very enlightening. I have very find memories of this time not least the excellent card games and dancing to Sali's bolly tunes along the road from Kagbeni. Despite not being a water baby Sali joined us on a 3 day raft tour, mostly on the kit raft(!) so he could better understand the tour offered by Paddle Nepal for future customers. Then we headed for Chitwan and stayed in a family hotel where we were treated very well and lounged in the hammock in the beautiful gardens. We did every form of safari possible, in canoes, by foot, in 4wd(...) and were in the good hands of the head guide
Back in Kathmandu I would thoroughly recommend a trip to the recent Kings Palace.

  Nigel Spykerman,

 Fri Aug,2016


Earlier this year I made my first trip to Nepal, I went with Mountain World Treks on the strength of a recommendation from someone I knew. They assured me that Saligram and his staff would put my welfare and wellbeing above everything else and they would do everything to make my trek a memorable trip. Everything they said was true, during my time in Nepal I was fantastically well looked after nothing was too much trouble, the numerous questions I had about the culture, wildlife and plants of Nepal were answered in full as the staff had good English. The tea houses we used were of a very good standard and Saligram's recommendations as to what to eat were always spot on, really important because if you're struggling to eat you won't enjoy the trekking. As a plus Saligram even organised sightseeing days in Kathmandu before thr trekking started. In conclusion if you're looking for a company to go trekking with in Nepal I doubt you will find better.

  Jmm David,

 Fri Aug,2016


I did the mountain flight with Buddha air and unfortunately, due to cloud, we had to come down after 15 minutes of the 1 hour flight. We managed to see the Himalayas in the distance which was still a pretty amazing view. However, I was most impressed by the fact that despite us flying for some of the time, we were immediately offered a refund or reschedule to try and achieve the whole flight. Often these things are a little hard to organise when in Asia (as any hardy travellers will know but it was so easy to get the $182 refund

  Eduardo Sayao,

 Fri Aug,2016

“An excellent service and a friendship i'll carry for life!”

Been planning a trip to Nepal for almost 3 years, tried to contact many companies to try to fit all my plans in a month, but only Saligram was kind, attentions and professional enough to give me all the advises and tips i needed to make this a perfect vacation. I was very happy with the improvements he made to the itinerary i had planned, and since the day we met at the airport we became very good friends also. Before the trek to the Everest Base Camp, he helped me in all i needed, checked my equipment, took me to good stores and made the vendors make me the lowest prices of the market instead of his commission (trust me, it’s hard to deal with Nepalese traders by yourself) and was a great company during the trek. I was very lucky to have himself as my guide. He showed a lot of experience making me continue as i wanted to stop because was feeling little headaches in Namche, and in fact i got better during the acclimatization days, the same happened in Pheriche, and also knew i shouldn’t keep going after i felt bad in Lobuche, and arranged everything with the insurance company to take me out by helicopter. Also looked after me during my recovery. The day after i left the hospital and could not make much effort, he took me to spend time with his family and visit his kid’s school (his kids are gorgeous). And with this incident, he managed to change the itinerary during the trip, giving m the opportunity to go to Chitawan, where i had an excellent time, even though i was not thinking about going there. I totally recommend it! We also travelled to Pokhara, made a rafting on the way (the river was not as wild as i expected, but he warned me about this and i wanted it anyway), and finished the road trip riding the bus roof (another dram come true!). We flew on a paraglide for the first time together, visited many temples, rode innumerous bikes (he always know someone around who has a bike to lend him) and saw a great sunset drinking beers on the rooftop of a hotel his cousin works at (not the one we were staying at!). Saligram knows people everywhere in Nepal and everybody seems to like him and is truly friendly to his guests, and not because they wanted to sell me something, some people even did not charge me for some things… After spending one month travelling through all this wonderful country, I realized how lucky i was choosing his company, because not only I had an excellent serviced provided by a great professional, but i also made a friend i will remember my whole life! Hope to come to Nepal soon, to make other treks and have the chance to be with Saligram again. Oh, and beside him, the Everest Base Camp trek is majestic, Bhaktapur is a place you should not miss, Kathmandu is a great place to spend a few days just walking through the crowds and visiting its temples, and Chitwan is definitely worth the trip.

  Serratelli, William,

 Fri Aug,2016

“The best company in Nepal with the best man in Nepal”

I found Saligram after meticulous, verging on obsessive, internet searching. I was looking for a good trekking company, but more importantly, a good guide. I found that many of the companies on trip advisor had good to great overall ratings; however, most of the companies also had quite a few reviews that read like horror stories, total travel nightmares, and they all had something in common: chance. When you book with most trekking companies the guide you are assigned determines your fate and there is absolutely no guarantee you will get a good one, even if the company website promises you otherwise. With Mountain World Treks you get Saligram, and Saligram leaves nothing, literally nothing, to chance. He planned the entirety of our vacation. From hotels to transportation, guiding city tours to leading us up Himalayan mountains, the man knows his country backwards and forwards.

Saligram really is committed to his clients. For example, we requested to stay in the neighborhood of Boudhanath to be near some family living in the city. Saligram was unfamiliar with the hotels in this area, and instead of just perusing websites or asking me to choose with only remote internet knowledge, he personally went to over 6 hotels to meet the management, see the amenities, and assess the overall feel of the hotel. Within twenty-four hours I received an email with detailed descriptions of the hotels including pictures, pricing, and his personal opinion on which was the best for the money.

While his proficiency and efficiency alone are reason enough to use him, he is also just a genuinely nice, funny, socially appropriate human being. There was never any awkwardness-- he was not pushy or intrusive or overly solicitous, he invited us to his home to have lunch with his beautiful family and afterward to accompany them to a secluded buddhist nunnerary and monastary overlooking the city-- the line between client and guide quickly dissolves. You find yourself hiking through beautiful landscapes with someone that it feels more apt to describe as a friend than a tour leader. Plus, his English is great and his wife's mushroom curry is phenomenal.

I would really think about staying in Boudhanath while in Kathmandu. Thamel is really just a tourist commercial district. It exists solely for the tourists and is beyond hectic. The vendors aggressively solicit their products (ranging from taxis and trekking guides to marijuana and its derivatives), all the stores begin to run together and all seem to sell the same yak wool scarf or knock-off North Face jacket or parachute pant with that familiar elephant print, and prices are generally higher for food and clothing. Boudhanath, on the other hand, is a real neighborhood, the center of which is an incredible buddhist stupa, one of the largest in Khatmandu. It is also home to countless monks, residents of the numerous monasteries in the area, who can be seen circumambulating the stupa all hours of the day. It feels authentic, a place steeped in culture that exists for reasons much more profound than the tourist economy.

We did the Poon Hill trek and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is really, really beautiful and seems to be a good mix between vistas and cultural encounters. However, the trek runs 3-5 days depending on how fast you want to go, so if you are looking for a longer trek or higher altitude (Poon Hill tops out somewhere around 3,000 meters, or 10,000 feet) I would ask Saligram his opinion based on your criteria. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of every traversable Himalayan peak's altitude, the paths you could take to get there, and the time it would take to do so.

In summary, Saligram rocks. Couldn't have been happier with my trip.

  Paul Walters,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Buddha Air - Mount Everest flight”

we had a flight round mount everest on our trip with rivera travel. the flight was brilliant - only 10 people to a plane so we all got a good view. and we could go into the cabin to see the view from the front. loved it.

  Laura Catherine Jelley.,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Lower mustang trek via Jomsom to Muktinath”

Just recently completed another successful trek with Saligram and his team on the pretty and enjoyable lower mustang trek. As usual the standard and care from Saligram and his team was 5*. This is the third time me and my family have travelled with Saligram and yet again it was fantastic nothing is to much trouble for Saligram and his team, anything we wanted to do on the trek and the holiday he made it possible. We where met and greeted at the airport and looked after throughout the holiday until we where dropped back of to the airport for our return flight home. One of our friends had a visa problem which Saligram sorted out with the minimum of fuss, and smallest amount of time being wasted. The porters Dinesh and Noma where fantastic and worked very hard carrying our kit and became firm friends by the end of the trip. The trek is very worth doing, it is pretty, fantastic views and we met a lot of locals whom welcomed us very much. I would highly recommend Saligram and his team to any potential traveller wanting to visit Nepal. I can not wait to return next year and see Saligram and his team.
Visited February 2013

  Donna Raeburn,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Pre wedding expedition, Annapurna Circuit Trek”

Namaste! Me & my now husband went to Nepal for a 3 week trek around the Annapurna Circuit. Saligram was our Guide & boy what a job he did. He is a great guy who is very good at his job. He made our trip one to remember & we will definitely be going back once the little ones are a bit older (& we will certainly be using Saligram again). I cannot recommend him highly enough! Fantastic trip!!!

  Ooi Wen chieh,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Marvellous, simply marvellous!”

I have had the pleasure and indeed privilege of experiencing a 3 month trekking trip to Nepal under the expert guidance of Mountain World Treks.
The expertise, knowledge and friendliness of Saligram and his team were without fault.
I trekked with a friend, Chris for a month. Firstly from Jiri to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo and then in the Annapurna range for about a week.
After a month Chris left and my wife Margaret joined me and we trekked in the Langtang valley and Gosaikunda areas. We then went to Pokra for a spell of trekking. Unfortunately Margaret injured her knee and needed hospital treatment. Saligram and his team organised the whole thing from beginning to end in a most professional and sympathetic way.
I can not praise Mountain World Treks too highly.
To anyone planning a trip to Nepal I would say use Saligram and Mountain World Treks , you will not be disappointed and will make friends for life. You will find it "Marvellous, simply marvellous"!!!!

  Sue Jelly,

 Fri Aug,2016

“9 day trek on Mustang route via Jomson and Muktinath”

Travelled with my family and friend on the Mustang Trek with Mountain World Treks Private Ltd and Saligram who guided us and the 2 porters Dinesh and Noma. We had a great time and every need was attended to Saligram and his team on the trek. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys and Saligram was very knowlegable on the trek about everything, new the routes well, the best views and best tea houses to stay at. I would highly recommend this trek for its beauty and views of the countryside and the people and villages. We were also shown around Khatmandu for a couple of days by Saligram which was also very interesting. We always felt safe and comfortable and nothing was a problem for Saligram. My 76 year old mother travelled alone and met us in Khatmandu. We were travelling back to the capital to meet her so she was met and greeted by Saligram and looked after very well for 24 hours until we all met up. Mum was delighted by the hospitality and kindness shown by Saligram and his team on her first visit to Nepal. We all then travelled to India, New Delhi for 5 days that was arranged by Saligram for us. Again we received the same standard of hospitality and travell by the Indian travel company. Their standards were as high as Saligrams. We had a great trip in Nepal and India and I highly recommend this company and Saligram. We will be using him again. They are a truly professional English speaking company.

  Nancy Hill,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Great Memories to Last a Lifetime”

I recently traveled to Nepal with friends (see Paula's review) and all agree that our wonderful memories of the trip will last a lifetime. I was the friend who became ill on the trip. Saligram immediately grasped the severity of my illness and summoned a doctor to our hotel. It was necessary that I be hospitalized for 24 hours and then be restricted to bed rest for several days. Saligram made arrangements with his family members at the Crown Himalayas Hotel in Pokhara to care for me while he and my friends went on an abbreviated trek for three days. His family members were absolutely wonderful and very caring. I felt like I was resting at a spa since the hotel also had a lovely garden. I don't want to limit my positive comments just to the time I was sick. I was also the friend for whom Saligram gave a surprise birthday party in his home. His family could not have been more hospitable and generous. No request was too much to ask of him. He delivered much more than promised. Saligram was not only professional, he became our good friend.

  Linda Hasim,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Annapurna Circuit with Mountain World Treks”

From the moment Sali met my son & I at Kathmandu Airport he was an attentive and superbly knowledgeable guide. We booked the Annapurna Circuit trek and were extremely impressed by Salis knowledge and guidance. If you need a first class trekking company then Mountain World Treks is your company and Sali is your man.

  Mazlan Hasim,

 Fri Aug,2016

“The best Trek & tour orginazer”

I had booked my trek to Annapurna Base Camp through Mountain world treks as well as all the package trip to chitwan national park, raftig, hotel & trip to pkhara. I found it was the best compay for quality service. Oh!even the trekkig guide very friedly,very professional &very well trained. I can give him full marks. He was not only the guide but also a nepali teacher. People can easily leran nepali with him during the trek. I can highly recommend this company to organize all the treks &tour in Nepal.

  Samantha Hartley,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Nepal trek and tour”

Having made the decision to spend my holiday in Nepal this year i got recommendation form my friends to use Saligram and his company Mountain World Treks.I explained to Saligram that i wanted a bit of everything - Himalaya, Elephants and 'city culture' and thats exactly what i got.
The trek was fantastic and my porter and guide were great. They encouraged me when i thought i couldn't walk anymore, ensured that i went uphill 'slowly' so as not to burn out and watched out for me the whole time. The nature, views and people are incredible and i will definitely be coming back for more trekking with Mountain World Treks.
Chitwan was also fantastic and this part of the tour was again organised by Mountain World Treks. I swam with elephants which was a truly awesome experience.
The accommodation in Kathmandu was also very nice and Sali can organise for you to stay in whichever area of the city you like. As i was there during Diwali it was a bit manic and part of my trip had to be rearranged but they did this without any hassle. I was also invited to spend ceremony with Saligram's family which was a truly memorable experience and i felt honoured to be invited.
All in all it was the most amazing time and Nepal is definitely somewhere everyone should visit. I will certainly be going back and hope that Saligram and everyone else at Mountain World Treks will help me with the details....!!

  Sharon Gray Lantis,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Best trekking/tour company in Nepal”

After reading the last 2 reviews, especially Will Serra's (who I communicated with prior to booking at the direction of the owner, Saligram) I don't know that I can say it any better than they did. Hands down, Sali is the most attentive, personable and knowledgeable guide in Nepal. We had been anxiously awaiting this anniversary trip and wanted it to be extra special. He went over and beyond to ensure everything was perfect. He even coordinated a local minister in Nepal to officiate our vow renewal ceremony at Fewa Lake. It was a perfect day. Without our knowledge, he coordinated flowers in our room at Temple Tree upon arrival following a fantastic (but too short) trek. Wished we had been able to stay longer. You won't be disappointed booking with Saligram. Hope to return one day in the very near future and rest assured, we will book with Thanks Sali!

  Anjan Rimal,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Annapurna Base Camp with Mountain world treks”

I and my wife from kathmandu and we paln to travel 2 weeks in side our own country, we found Mountain world treks in google search and we talk him in phone and emails. We went to company and fixed the program. We did fix the program of 10 days ABC trek, 2 days rafting and 2 days jungle safari with Mountain world Treks. Saligram, at Mountainworld treks, tailor made a great holiday for myself and my wife. Everything was organised superbly and Sali's indepth knowledge of the country and mountains is invaluable to anyone visiting Nepal. Thanks again guys for a great holiday.

  Laura Catherine Jelley,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Amazing experience”

We hiked to Everest base camp late last year with Mountain World Treks, it was the best experience ever. This was our second visit to Nepal with Saligram. nothing is ever too much trouble for Saligram or the porters. I fell sick while I was out there and I was looked after very well.
Anything that we wanted to do on our holiday we just had to Saligram and he sorted out everything from travel, to our whole day.
the year before me and my family again travelled with Saligram and trekked around Annapurna Range, it was just as fantastic.
I would recommend anyone to travel with Mountain World Treks, you won't regret it and you will have a fantastic time.
I cannot wait to go out there agin next year.
Namaste Mountain World Treks....

  Rosie Hemsley,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Everest Basecamp with Mountain World Treks”

We hiked to Everest Basecamp earlier this year with Mountain World Treks......absolutely fabulous!!! Having travelled a lot around the world and once to Nepal previously with a UK tour company, we were very impressed with this local firm. All the practicalities went smoothly, and nothing was too much trouble. My husband was well taken care of when he had altitude sickness.

It was particularly special using this local tour company. Why? Well....many reasons. Our guide clearly had a love of the mountains and extensive knowledge of the people and culture. We got to visit a school and village way off the beaten track. You are confident that all porters employed are treated ethically, as Saligram has been there himself. Also brilliant prices!

Dont know when but we'll be back.....rather fancy the Mustang trek! Most definitely with Mountain World Treks. If you would like to know more about going to basecamp with this company please call us on 07877 769158.

  Paul Maier,

 Fri Aug,2016

Wonderful Nepal Trip

Having made the decision to spend my holiday in Nepal this year i got recommendation form my friends to use Saligram and his company Mountain World Treks.I explained to Saligram that i wanted a bit of everything - Himalaya, Elephants and 'city culture' and thats exactly what i got.
The trek was fantastic and my porter and guide were great. They encouraged me when i thought i couldn't walk anymore, ensured that i went uphill 'slowly' so as not to burn out and watched out for me the whole time. The nature, views and people are incredible and i will definitely be coming back for more trekking with Mountain World Treks.
Chitwan was also fantastic and this part of the tour was again organised by Mountain World Treks. I swam with elephants which was a truly awesome experience.
The accommodation in Kathmandu was also very nice and Rajan can organise for you to stay in whichever area of the city you like. As i was there during Diwali it was a bit manic and part of my trip had to be rearranged but they did this without any hassle. I was also invited to spend ceremony with Saligram's family which was a truly memorable experience and i felt honoured to be invited.
All in all it was the most amazing time and Nepal is definitely somewhere everyone should visit. I will certainly be going back and hope that Saligram and everyone else at Mountain World Treks will help me with the details....!!

  Alex Jelly,

 Fri Aug,2016

"A life time experience with Mountain World Treks and Saligram"

Just completed 9 days Annapurna base camp trekking with my family and friend. i got recommendation from my friend to use Mountain World Treks and Saligram was truly professional from my initial enquiries many months ago answering emails promptly no matter how simple the question. The true value was in our guide Govinda who was patient beyond expectation informative and entertaining ( regular card game each evening) and was responsive to the very different needs of those in our group. We had the rooms with the best views in every tea house as Kumar would phone ahead or send our young, energetic and enthusiastic porters Ramesh and Dinesh. I would recommend that 10 or 11 days of actual trekking for this route would enable the return to be better paced as well as giving some flexibility for changes in weather which is the uncontrollable. Truly value for money Highly recommended to Everyone for Nepal trip to use Mountain world Treks and it's services.

  Astrid Kopmels,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Family trek - Trip of a lifetime”

I took my two kids on a trip to Nepal (aged 13 and 14) to introduce them to the Nepalese side of their family. We used a local firm and had Saligram Aryal as our guide. Nothing was too much trouble, our itinerary was adjusted as needed (with only a day's notice).. and our proposed trek was changed slightly to fit better with our little group. Saligram was experienced, friendly and very knowledgeable and made our experience the trip of a lifetime, especially for my kids. I was able to compare the experience with others in the country as I have been many times before and I have also led adventure travel tours as a tour leader in the past. I am happy to recommend Saligram and Mountain World Treks without hesitation and hope other travellers have as good a time as we had.

  Saulius Maslinskas,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Wonderful trip to Nepal include poonhill trek with Mountain World Treks”

We travelled in wonderful Nepal together with Saligram from Mountain World Treks and Expeditions.

From the moment we landed in Kathmandu till we left he took very good care of us, a way better than we could expect. Every step of our trip was carefully planned and went very smooth - rafting, trekking in the mountains, trips in Chitwan jungle, sightseeing in the cities.
Saligram paid a lot of attention to our needs, being not only professional guide, but also supported us with friendly advice, and did everything with a great sense of humour.
More than that, we were invited to see the celebration of Festival of Lights with his family
and could see for ourselves how we fit Nepalese clothes :)

Our impression of Nepal would not be so great without him, and we are looking forward to go there again!

  Pauline Moriarty,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Jomsom Trek”

I made the Jomsom trek with Sali when he was a freelance. He proved to be an excellent, safe & knowledgeable guide.
As an older trekker (aged 63) Sali gave me the confidence & encouragement to complete each day's trek.
We stayed in warm, comfortable guest houses & in the evening Sali & his team were sociable, without being intrusive.
I wish him all the best with his company & any new ventures he takes on.

  Adam Haigh,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Superb local trekking company”

This company is everything you need from a local firm operating superb trek trips in Nepal. Saligram, who runs the company and is an experienced trekking guide, is very knowledge, speaks excellent English and is a funny chap,. I strongly recommend going through these guys for your trekking trip. You won't regret it. Cheers, Adam.

  Mark Raeburn,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Saligram - Mountain World Treks”

Both myself and my wife were extremely impressed with the level of service Saligram (Mountain World Treks and Expedition) provided during our trek round Annapurna. I would whole heartily recommend Saligram, as his local knowledge and guidance were invaluable and REALLY did make it, a trip of a life time! I can understand why people might have reservations about using a local Nepalese company, but I have no hesitation in giving Saligram my 100% backing and would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have. In my experience Saligram offered more knowledge and insight and constantly went the extra mile throughout the trip and I cannot imagine how it could have be managed any better.
I guess... using a local company is like the difference between using a sat nav and having a local guide. A sat nav (non local company) will be able to tell you where to go and which route to take; But a local company can provide all the contextual information / history, the how, why, what, where and is far more equipped to fit in with your own needs and provide you with a better/fuller experience. My advice would be to go with a local company(Mountain World Treks And expedition).

  Charlotte K Stockholm,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Amazing trek and excellent guide!!”

We found Mountain World Treks and our guide Sali via Tripadvisor and navigated to their web page. Having limited days to spend in Nepal, none of the predefined packages did suit us, but as Sali was online we started a chat. Based on our request, Sali immediately came up with a trip customised for our needs.
We spent eight days in Nepal, arriving in Kathmandu and took the bus to Pokhara. On the way we stopped for a very exciting rafting which was a lot of fun! We made a four day trek with amazing views, but also some fog and rain as we went during the monsoon.
The whole trip was very well organised and included all what we needed. We always stayed at the best tea (guest) houses with great food and with basic facilities. It was fantastic to have a local guide like Sali who could introduce us to the mountains and Nepal, including the local life, making it a very interesting experience!!
We can definitely recommend you to use Mountain World Trek for your trip to Nepal

  Dipu Ahad,UK

 Fri Aug,2016

“Best outdoor adventure of our lives”

Saligram was a brilliant guide and tour operator. Really looked after us on our trek to Gokyo Ri, Chitwan and Pokhara. He has really good knowledge of the Himalyan area and provided much entertainment, laughter and joy during our epic journey.

Definately recommend Mountain World Treks to anyone looking for a reliable, friendly and knowledgable guide and adventure in this beautiful country. Azoor Sali Bhai

  Chris Foster,

 Fri Aug,2016

“Six weeks in Nepal (Jiri-Lukla-EBC;Annapurna-Poon Hill)”

Saligram organised our walking holiday for the entire six weeks, he together with his porters Dil and Lali, made us feel welcome to their country. We felt well looked after and were confident in his management abilities. His style was a 'light touch' which made us feel WE were in charge of our holiday and never did we feel we were being shepherded about. The trek from Jiri to Lukla was not the usual tourist route and we stopped with local families along the way, a good acclimatisation walk for the trek to Everest Base Camp. A steady walk to EBC with plenty of time see the sights of Namche Bazzar, Bhuddist monasteries or just stop and gaze at the mountains meant we never felt rushed to get to any particular destination. Annapurna range was different to the Everest region, it was warmer, greener and had more wildlife. The rhododendrons and magnolia the size of large trees were flowering and looked spectacular. Monkeys ate the flowers of the magnolia and played amongst the branches. Sunrise on Poon Hill over looking the Annapurna range was special Breathtaking scenery and very friendly people made this a holiday to remember.