Chitwan Jungle Safari - Sali Trekking Chitwan Jungle Safari - Sali Trekking

Trip Overview

Within the borders of Nepal you will find 8 national parks, 5 wildlife reserves, and 3 conservation areas. That’s not bad going for a small country, and just goes to show the range of possibilities in this fascinating land. From sub-tropical rain forests to delicate alpine ecosystems. Among these all Chitwan National park is the mostly visited park so far in Nepal. The park is famous for the jungle safari which known as Chitwan jungle safari.

Exploring these varied terrains will give you the chance to see first hand the incredible array of wildlife. Nepal boasts hundreds of native species, from butterflies and birds, to crocodiles, rhinos and tigers. Chitwan is the most famous of the parks, but we can arrange a package to take in any of these parks. We can even personalize a trip specifically for you. Just let us know what you would like to do. Chitwan national park is located in southwest Nepal and covers 932 sq. km. It is Nepal’s most famous national park for wildlife safaris.

The park is home to white footed gaur, leopards, wild boar, sloth bear and several species of deer including the spotted, barking, Samber and hog deer. Amongst the other inhabitants are the one horned rhino and one of the largest populations of the Royal Bengal Tiger, although you would be very lucky to see one. The swampy landscape and numerous small lakes also make the perfect home for marsh crocodiles. The park is a heaven for birds, boasting over 450 species. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the local Tharu people and their unique traditions. An example itinerary is listed below, but we can tailor make any package at you request, just contact us and we will do the rest.

Budget: Starting From

Duration: 4 Days (Cutomizable Trip)