5 tips to trek in Nepal that make succeed your trip. - Sali Trekking 5 tips to trek in Nepal that make succeed your trip. - Sali Trekking

5 tips to trek in Nepal that make succeed your trip.

Posted On:Sunday, July 14, 2019

Everest Base Camp trek isn’t simply a light-hearted trek. Trek to Everest base camp can take a look at you in many ways. However, for the short time you are there all the pain utterly disappears, going away you to experience what is going to become one among the best achievements of your life. You may still have traversed one among the foremost stunning trekking routes on the world.


1. Keep Positive
Trekking with the spectacular High Himalaya around you further as Ama Dablam, Mount Pumori, Lhotse and Mt. Everest, you may feel as if you have been thrown into the foremost beautiful mountainous depression, with a 360 browse of the foremost effective scenery on the world.
Try to accept the uncomfortable nights inside the tea houses, where your space area unit attending to be a created from walls of plywood, and thus the rooms area unit attending to be cold. It’s grueling and there isn’t one night where it feels like luxury. A silk sleeping liner within bag can cause you to heat and you’ll wear many layers as necessary. Your own mental stability is associate particularly very important have faith in getting you to the tip goal!


2. Avoid altitude sickness
Altitude sickness will kill terribly fast, but inside the bulk of cases, it merely causes you to feel very icky. Initial of all be honest and tell to your guide however you feeling. Your guide can recommend you what to try and do. Drink 3-4 l water daily. Trek slowly; try to breathe traditional all the time, per the native Asian eat garlic soup once daily, don’t sleep on day time. If you are feeling worst, than Day of Judgment flip back 300-400 meters low elevation and keep long. If you fell higher you’ll continue trek upwards if not, that’s it you need to go down and down. Never try to push upwards if you are getting worst. You’ll use medication paracetamol or Diamox (Acetazolamide) for altitude, get some before you attend trek.


3. Trek Slow and steady
Taking slow, measured steps is as very important as staying hydrated to forestall drive. This will be not a race or an opportunity to illustrate off your sporting prowess – even the foremost athletic will be crushed by altitude. Go at your own pace and don’t be intimidated by the strength of others or feel the need to ‘keep up’. It’s higher to be academic degree hour behind and reach your goal than falter at your own pitiless determination.

4. Carry dry foods with you.
In short, the food is okay, significantly the higher you climb. You tire of constant foods and thus the tasteless tastes and your loss of craving only aids the pain. Take several snacks with you prefer super molecule bars and chocolate – to a small degree bit of sugar helps pull you via, as can your favorite comfort foods. You’ll get most of the dry food within the tea houses however it’ll 2-4 times pricey than Kathmandu.

5. Certify you have smart and enough trekking gear.
Braving minus temperatures will be grueling, particularly at nighttime. You’ll rent a four seasons bag (or merely ask for a -20) and a down jacket from an entire host of trekking retailers in Kathmandu – these 2 things are should would like. Your trekking organizer would possibly offer you if you request them. the remainder is right down to the art of layering – thermal longs and a prime, snug trekking trousers, t-shirts, fleece, Gore-Tex jacket and/or windproof jacket, hat, scarf, and smart gloves. Keep in mind it’s higher to be too heat than suffer the cold through lack of correct consumer goods.