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Langtang National Park

Posted On:Friday, July 12, 2019

The Langtang National Park is the first Himalayan national park established in 1976 with occupying an area of 1,710 km2. The park lies in three districts of central Himalayan region in Nepal.

The sacred lake Gosaikunda also located within the National Park, which lies in the altitude of 4,300 m. Gosaikunda and and the Dorje Lakpa range (6,988 m) bisect the park from east–west to south–east. The summit of Langtang Lirung 7,245 m is the highest point in the park.

Eastern and northern border of the National Park are spread to the international border to Tibet while the western border follows the Bhote Koshi river and Trishuli river and the southern part of the park reach very close to the Kathmandu Valley which is only 32 km. in distance.

The Langtang National Park exhibits a high diversity of 14 vegetation types in 18 ecosystem types, ranging from upper tropical forests below 1,000 m. altitude to alpine scrub and perennial ice.

The climate of the park is takeover mostly by the southwest summer monsoon that occurs from June to September. In the spring, raining and snowing at some higher elevations are common likewise from December to march days are clear and mild but nights near freezing. In the time of October November and April may, days are warm and sunny and nights cool.