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Things To Know Before Trek To EBC

Posted On:Friday, July 12, 2019

Home of the most famous of Nepal’s ethnic people, the Sherpas, and rich in magical vistas of the incredible Himalayan Mountains, Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world. The ultimate dream for many trekkers is to hike this unbelievable trail to Everest Base Camp. Here are few things to know before trek to EBC.

I am the owner of Mountain world Treks And Expedition, I have 18 years guiding experience on the way to Everest base camp trek; I found trekkers should know certain thing before start Everest base camp. Read to find out some things that will make your trip inexpensive, exploratory and pleasant. As you know trek to Everest Base Camp is most popular trekking in the world, I made some list of the most popular questions and expectation which helps for new trekkers like you.

1. Plan to trek before or after High season.

Main season for Everest base camp trek are April- May and Oct-Nov, this time of the year weather suppose to be nice and clear but too many trekkers and climber and big traffic on the way to Base camp and sometime not possible to get room in tea house too. Mountain world Treks suggest you to go to trek on Feb-March and Nov- Dec even its extremely cold; still it’s better than to be on crowd. The attractiveness of the Himalayas will be excellent experienced in your life. So avoid crowd and trek to Everest base camp on Feb- March, and Nov-Dec.


2. Don’t book our trip through a home (western) company.
If you book your trek through your home company, it means you really throwing your money away. Why you should paying a Western travel company a fortune for your Nepal trip when western company use local agent here in Nepal. Why not you talk direct with local company (Mountain World Treks) and deal with them? I understand, you question will be there are many Local company in Kathmandu and how to pick good one? It’s not too hard as you think. You May contact several company and compare their services and price and pick one. Now days there are many places where past trekkers are writing their experience about trekking trip and the company they are using it. Sometime you can contact direct with past trekkers too. This makes you easy to pick company for you. And it will be a lot cheaper the western company.

3. Who will guide me on the way to Everest base camp trek?
Good question? Your Guide is everything for your trip, so make sure you are getting good guide for your trek to Everest base camp. Always better to talk with your guide before you book the trip. You may ask with the person who you are dealing with and ask the contact details of him and Skype him or email him and ask lots thing about your trip, same time you will get chance to know your guide how good he is. And other thing, as I told you Guide is everything for you on the trip so follow the rule and regulation of your guide. Always ask to guide before you want to do something. Our guides from Mountain world Treks they are very educative and knowledge about Everest base camp trek and if you book your trip through the Mountain World Treks I can guaranty there will be not any problem and Mountain world treks let you to customize your own itinerary on the trek, you never have to follow the company itinerary, after talking with your guide you can customize your itinerary any time. so every trekking days is yours. That’s the big benefits you can have with Mountain world treks on the trek, not any western company and other local company let you change your itinerary.


4. How to deal if something went wrong on the trek?
Well, if you’re an active, healthy and average fit person you will complete the trek. But some time might be happen unexpected things, like injured, altitude sickness etc. Make sure you Insurance will covered for everything if something went wrong. The guide from Mountain world Treks and well trained so they know right thing what should they do if something went wrong. This is problem of Mountain world Treks and your guide, so you don’t have to be worried. To avoid altitude sickness drink plenty of water, go higher and sleep lower, walk slow and steady. Trekking is not a race; it’s all about to be there and enjoying your time.

Feel the real adventure on the lap of Himalayas with Mountain world Treks.
Good luck and happy Trekking.