What Makes Us Different? - Trekking in Nepal, Tour in Nepal, Climbing In Nepal

What Makes Us Different?


We want people to have an incredible time in Nepal. There are many ways to do. We just want you to be an informed trekkers.


  1. We are 100% indigenous owned and operated! The fact that our company is completely local means all the money paid for treks goes right back into the local economy.
  2. All our guides have worked in every facet of the business. Every guide starts off by working as a porter for long time and providing customer service.
  3. We have a long-standing relationship with all our porters and. We believe we have the best guides and porters in the business due to mutual respect, client’s safety and customer caring. They provide their unbelievably hard work and
  4. we treat them as colleagues and family including above average compensation.
  5. We are truly flexible enough to provide any kind of trip traditional or not. We are one of the reputable company in Nepal. We offer all our Nepal trips at reasonable price with the quality service and all our trips listed in our website can be customizable.
  6. We organize our every trip even for solo traveler. Mostly we run the private trips but as long as client’s wish we are happy to organize group tour as well.
  7. We don’t have any hidden fees for any our packages which are listed in our website, Included in our price are a duffle bag, company t-shirt and trip certificate.

The Mountain World Treks always provide the best trekking tea houses on every overnight trekking stops, where you can get delicious local food, accommodation, hot shower, wifi service and the drinks.