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Trip Overview

A 6741 m. high Mount Kailash is located in the far western of Tibet. As of the different people from different religion, they suppose this holy mountain is residence of their god. Every year thousands of people visit Mount Kailash and holy Lake Mansarovar. Pilgrims from different nations follow the path of three day Kailash circumambulation and take the bath in holy Lake. It is said that the 53 km Kailash circumambulation erases the accumulated sins of a lifetimes.

Visitors/pilgrims travel overland for weeks or months, it feels like they are really approaching the center of the universe since ancient times. Mt. Kailash has been revered as the source of four of the great rivers of Asia, fuelled by the waters of nearby holy Lake Manasarovar-Indus, Bramaputra (Tsangpo), Karnali (The sacred Ganges), which have their Sources within Sixty miles of the Mountain.

After 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April, 2015, the Nepal-Tibet International border crossing at the Friendship highway remains CLOSED but other areas of Tibet are not affected and are OPEN for travelers. We also offer Kailash Mansarovar packages via Lhasa and Helicopter, which is equally safe and easy form of traveling to the magnificent Mt. Kailash.

Budget: Starting From

Duration: 12 Days (Cutomizable Trip)