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Trip Overview

Sikkim is one of the most famous states in India lies in Northeast part of the country. It is surrounded by Tibet on north and east, Nepal in west and West Bengal in its south. It is known as second smallest state in india. Sikkim is very rich for its biodiversity. It has another identification of multi-ethnic society state of India, where Nepali, Lepcha and Bhutia are major groups.

Gantok is its capital city of Sikkim. Most of people in Sikkim do farming. As result state’s economy is dependent on agriculture and tourism. Nowadays Sikkim has become multi ethnic and multilingual state of India. This small state has 11 official languages, though English is the medium in every school to teach and for used of government document. Sikkim is famous for cardamom product also. It is the world’s second largest producer of the spice after Guatemala. It is also known as most environmentally conscious states in India. Taking banned plastic water bottles and Styrofoam products are strictly prohibited in the state. the former residence of the sultan. It’s wise to manage the time to visit for many museums and religious structures that has added charm to the city.

Budget: Starting From

Duration: 9 Days (Cutomizable Trip)