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About Us

NEPAL: Fabulous country, wonderful people, interesting culture, breathtaking scenery, stunning Himalayas, incredible wilelife, rushing Rivers….. Go and visit, feel the thrilling adventure!


Boasting the world’s highest Mountains and most warm-hearted people, Nepal is a destination that cannot be missed. Experience the splendor, beauty and charm of Nepal through one of our many specialized treks and tours. All the trekking and tours around Nepal, we guarantee a trip of a lifetime. As a local company, Mountain World Treks offers an authentic experience which strives to engage travelers in the real Nepal. We are passionate about providing you with the best services at an affordable price. Leave the details to us and allow yourself to explore the wonders of Nepal.

Explore the biggest natural museum of the world and experience the nature and culture by doing Trekking and tour around Nepal with Mountain World Treks”.