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Trekking Grades

We have categorizes our trekking trips into four different categories according to their level of difficulty. Our grading system should be taken as a general guideline, it is up to you to judge your own fitness and ability.

Easy Treks:
We do not consider any of our treks to be easy. Even the treks that do not reach high altitudes have lots of ups and downs and require a decent level of fitness. All of our non-trekking trips fit under this category.
Examples: Best of Nepal Tour, World Heritage Site Tour, Adventure Add Ons

Moderate Treks:
Our moderate treks are a perfect introduction to trekking in Nepal. They do not go above 4,000 meters and you can expect to be hiking and average of 4-6 hours each day. Some days will be easy and some days will be a bit harder. You will become familiar with the term “‘Nepali flat” which means a little bit up and a little bit down.
Examples: Poonhill Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Jomsom Trek

Strenuous Treks:
The strenuous treks are longer treks which reach the high mountain country. The length of trekking varies each day, but because of the altitude and terrain, the days are more physically challenging. You should have previous hiking experience and be in good shape (if you don’t want to be struggling).
Examples: Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang Gosainkunda Trek

Difficult Treks:
Difficult treks are extended trips that reach higher and more remote landscapes. These treks are very physically demanding and often require long days. The weather conditions can be more unfavorable and there are less amenities than the other treks. Many of these treks require camping for some sections. Trekkers must have extensive hiking experience.
Example: Everest High Pass Trek.