Bardia Jungle Safari - Sali Trekking Bardia Jungle Safari - Sali Trekking

Trip Overview

Bardia National Park is the largest and most undisturbed national park in Terai region situating southern part in mid west of Nepal, with covering an area of 968 skm. The park is in the distance of 600 km. form the capital city Kathmandu. Exploring the wildlife including Royal bengal tiger, one horned rhinoceros, elephants, over 500 spices of birds, many types of reptiles and many more excursion is what we call Bardia Jungle Safari. A normal bus takes you up to there in 12-15 hours drive form Kathmandu. Either you have also a choice of taking an hour flight up to Nepalgunj city and hire a private vehicle for more 2 hours drive.

Park represents for its virgin wilderness which stand within the Churia hills on the northern and eastern while it enclose with the longest river of Nepal Karnali in western border. With 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal, Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve are best known for the jungle safari trip.

It is originally a hunting reserve and became Wildlife conservation area in 1976. After extending Babai river valley in 1984, it gained the status of Bardia National Park in 1988.

The park is rich in flora and fauna which has covered with deep forest more than 70% of its total area. The remaining 30% is a mixture of grassland and riverine forest. The park provides habitat to many rare and endangered animals including Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, one horned rhinoceros, Gangetic dolphin, four horned antelope and crocodiles. Likewise about 125 spices of fishes, over 500 spices of birds including native as well as migratory, 55 different mammals and many others has been recorded Within the 153 m. – 1441 m. of altitude.

There are many ways to explore the wildlife. Jungle walk safari, elephant back safari, rafting in the Karnali River, jeep safari through the park are main attraction that everyone want to experience. Besides bird watching, Tharu village tour, cultural show and dolphin sightseeing also are very helpful to explore the park. For those who are interested in fishing, the Babai and Karnali river can be the best river in west of Nepal. This safari will be an extraordinary experience in your lifetime.