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Sustainable Travel

While tourism is a key part of Nepal’s economy, it doesn’t always have a positive impact on the country. The Responsible Travel Nepal initiative provides Nepali tourism companies – hotels and resorts, trekking and adventure companies, travel agencies and so on – with training and support to encourage them to ensure their activities and management practices follow sustainable tourism principles. Crucially, it emphasizes the business benefits of adopting these principles, helping the companies to build links with operators and travellers, improve their marketing work and expand their businesses.

Sustainability/Responsible Travel Practice

We have started our operations making more sustainable as possible since couple of years and we are committed to constant improvements.

Care for Environment

We encourage our customers know local environment and its impact to habitat while they traveling with us.

Energy saving:

We have been using energy saving office equipment such as low voltage desktop which can run with 12 volt power. We have been using CFL bulb which save up to 80% power than normal bulb.

Waste Paper Management:

We use to print on both side of paper and also we re-use envelopes which may reduce almost 30% of paper consumption cost. We never print emails received until it is necessary. We use recycled papers as much as possible for our printing needs.


We promote overland travel as well as carbon free travel. If our traveler needs to do use of air travel we suggest using most efficient airline. We use diesel engine vehicles for our tour and our vehicles are checked for carbon emission every 6 months.

Care for communities:

Employment: We use local guide or local people from each destination as possible to perform our tour operation.

Economy: We encourage our customers to buy local products available as souvenir wherever they go if they want. We believe that these kind economic activities empower living of the local people.


We prefer to use local restaurants for dinning for our customers also get involve and celebrate local events.

Future Actions Planned

We are planning for Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development in Nepal by developing eco-lodge project with hybrid business modal which will create economic activities as well as job opportunities in the rural area of Nepal so that people can have sustainable living in rural area with nature.