Tibet Cultural Tour - Sali Trekking Tibet Cultural Tour - Sali Trekking

Trip Overview

This classic tour covers the cultural centers of Tibet, generally it known as Tibet Cultural Tour which covers namely Tsedang, Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigtse. The tour allows you to visit ancient monasteries, experience exotic culture and spectacular turquoise lakes. If your interest is to experience the Tibetan Buddhist culture, visit ancient monasteries and to get close to real people of Tibet , this is the right trip for you.

This tour also offers other highlights of Tibet travel- the unique overland landscapes, the snow-covered mountains , serene lakes and dramatic high passes. We guarantee that this tour will be the one of memorable tour in your life with us . The tour can do any time in the year but April to early November is known as the best time for this tour.

Budget: Starting From

Duration: 8 Days (Cutomizable Trip)