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Poonhill Treks FAQ

Posted On:Friday, July 12, 2019


How difficult is the Poonhill Trek?
⏸Poon Hill Trek is an easy trek but because of too many stone steps which makes it harder for your leg. That’s why it goes easy to moderate trek. No altitudes issue, suitable for young to mature and expert to beginners.

How fit do I need to be to go trekking to Poon hill ?
⏸Walking experience is need with an average level of fitness for trekking to Ghorepani Poon hill. Most days include 4-7 hours of slow trekking. Altitude is Not the biggest problem for this trek but there are alots of up and down with many stone steps. Poon hill trek is known as an easy trek in Nepal.

Can my children go on the Poon hill trek?
⏸Yes your Children can do it but make sure they have some walking experience.

What if I am a solo traveler? Is there a supplemental for singles?
⏸Yes, there is a little bit single supplemental cost if you are traveling alone, please Contact us to find out more.

When is the best time for Poon hill trek?
⏸Autumn (Sept to Nov) and Spring (March to May) are the best seasons for the poon hill Trek. The weather is sunny and warm with outstanding views. If you wish to avoid crowds and enjoy some alone time with nature then taking this trip during winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) also great time trek up there. Trekking in the Summer or Monsoon seasons(June to Aug) will be affected by rain but the Summer trek could be a boon for a keen botanist.

What kind of gear do I need ?
⏸You are advised to consider the following equipment as essentials while packing. Please visit this link as a guideline. Adjustments to the list can be managed according to our requirements, interests, duration of trip, and season of trip. We can find variety of trekking and climbing gears to hire or buy in Kathmandu, Local brand or international bard both are available.

Are there any ATM’s on the Trekking route?
⏸No. Only at Pokhara before/after trek.

Do I need to purchase my own travel insurance for this Trek?
⏸Yes. Most trips run smoothly, but once in awhile something unexpected can happen, that’s why we highly recommend and to join one of our trips you must have travel insurance. Please see our travel insurance section for more information.

Will I get altitude sickness on the Trek?
⏸Poonhill Trek doesnt go higher than 3210m. and It is not possible affected by the altitude. It is usually only above 3000 meters when people start to feel symptoms. Please see our page on altitude sickness for detailed information.

Will I have access to the internet?
⏸Yes Most of the place you will be able to use Internet if there in not any technical problem.

Can I charge my camera batteries on the trek?
⏸Yes you can charge batteries but you’ll be charged by the hour and you’ll have to bring your own charger. And mostly can use 2 round pin charger on the trek.

What happens if I get sick or get hurt while trekking?
⏸Basically our guide will sort out the things what to do. If it is not too bad you may go down by walking, however in the event of an emergency there usually is access to a telephone line or satellite phone for an evacuation via helicopter. This is another reason to be sure you are covered with adequate travel insurance!

Who are the guides?
⏸Mountain World Treks hires guiding professionals with a love and passion for outdoor travel and adventure. Our guides have been with us for many years and know the trails well. They all speak English very well and know how to take good care of the clients. Please see our About Us page for more information on our guides.

Will I have to carry all of my own stuff on the Trek?
⏸No, unless you request to. Our porters will carry up to 12kgs of weight for each trekker. All you need to carry are your essential items for the day. The porter fee is included in the price of your trip. We plan for 1 porter for 2 trekkers in accordance to the guidelines set out by the International Porter Protection Group. If you would like more weight to be carried, please let us know. In general 12kg is more than sufficient.

Is the water and food safe on the Poonhill Trek?
⏸The tap and mountain water in Nepal are generally not safe to drink for tourists. Bottled water, boiling water or using water purification tablets are your best options. Tea and coffee are okay to drink. Yes, the food is safe in Nepal. And delicious!

More questions?
⏸Email us at: info@mountainworldtreks.com